Disaster Planning, Recovery, & Security

Disaster Planning, Recovery, & Security 2019-08-10T00:27:15-05:00


Be sure your systems and networks are secure and compliant when you rely on our expertise. We are certified in several diverse industries.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your security from end to end, internal to external, or assist with standards and documentation, we have the right solutions.


Your business may be vulnerable to security breaches or issues and
you may not know it. Request a financial risk audit and discover
potential problems before they strike.


  • HIPPA (Healthcare) The rules are stringent and always changing.
  • PCI (Payment card industry) Store and transmit credit card information securely.
  • FIPS (Banking) Deliver fast, secure applications and online services.
  • NIST/DOD (Federal agencies) Protect classified information and data.


Use encryption so all your transmissions and data going to and from the server will be safe. Encrypt laptops to prevent data theft in case they are lost or stolen. And we can encrypt file sharing by providing you with IDs and passwords so only the right people can access files.


Get service that’s tailored to your business and budget needs—from fully managed IT, to prepaid blocks of time that never expire, to one-time break fix solutions.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Reduce downtime exposure and minimize risk with a detailed advance plan. Your realistic recovery plan will help limit downtime significantly if a disaster hits. Know that we’ll be ready to take the right steps so you’ll recover as quickly and fully as possible.


Know your network is secure with our 4-tier system designed to ensure your company experiences limited downtime following a catastrophe.

  • Tier 1: (On-site): A hard disk or set of disks on-site providing you
    with large storage capacity and high reliability.
  • Tier 2: (Off-site): In case of damage or building loss, Tier 2
    includes backups that are rotated off-site nightly.
  • Tier 3: (Internet Backup): Secure daily uploads of your modified or
    created files over the Internet to a McNallan server.
  • Tier 4: (Imaging): Imaging technology enables us to easily bring a
    machine back to the exact state that is was.


This highly recommended process includes capturing details on files, drives, and available space in order to test the backup plan on a quarterly basis.


Know early how much down time you can expect for different scenarios. Get a realistic disaster recovery plan that is geared to reduce downtime and costs as much as possible.