Law firm gets new system to accommodate fast growth

Anticipating 100% growth in two years, and planning multiple new locations, our client contacted us for a consultation. They had outgrown their existing server environment and needed to catch up and accommodate future growth.

We recommended transitioning them from a small business server to an environment with several servers, and that they change from block time IT services to fully managed IT. This helped us control their costs by building in new employee hardware and software setups and monitoring all servers and workstations to prevent extended downtime.

This client exceeded their growth plans, tripling in size in less than a year. Thankfully the infrastructure we recommended was up to the task and proved to be stable and high performing throughout their rapid period of growth and beyond.

System evaluation leads to reliable backups and full restorations

A St. Paul-based property management company with properties in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin asked us to evaluate their IT infrastructure. We found outdated servers, no local Active Directory and other issues which prompted replacing the file and accounting servers, and adding a third server dedicated solely to backups.

We scheduled the switchover in two phases to minimize employee downtime. With the new main server and backup servers in place, our client has experienced a complete array failure followed by a full restoration done remotely in a matter of hours.

Manufacturer positioned for growth with stable IT infrastructure

Locations overseas, an aggressive 5-year growth plan and a lack of recent IT investment meant our client needed a new infrastructure with minimal failure points and maximum redundancy.

We recommended a cluster of Microsoft Windows Enterprise Servers with applications deployed on independent Virtual Machines (VMs). The clustered servers were strategically connected to greatly reduce costs and downtime. Our six-phase implementation plan spread capital investment across two fiscal quarters and reduced downtime. An offsite disaster restore was performed after one month with 100% success. The client now enjoys a dramatic simplification of their systems and increased uptime to support growth plans.

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