In the early 1970s office automation was an emerging trend and Hilary McNallan saw an opportunity to fill a key market need for selling and servicing typewriters and calculators. In June, 1971, he launched McNallan Office Systems. It was a great success but in the mid 1980s, the introduction of computers spurred big changes in office automation. As typewriters became obsolete, McNallan shifted its focus to computer networking and providing businesses with a low cost, stable office environment.

That history of innovating and adapting continued, and currently McNallan Technology Solutions takes pride in maximizing productivity across our customers’ organizations through our fully managed IT program. We offer a broad spectrum of solutions that help businesses become more productive and profitable. Additionally, we customize service and maintenance plans that fit each customer’s specific business needs and challenges.

Now an industry leader, McNallan continues to grow and leverage the latest technology trends to offer cloud- and app-based solutions, integrated software, disaster planning, and certified security expertise to our customers.