Cloud & Hosting

Know that your data, your servers, and your environment are safe, secure, and properly maintained around the clock. You’ll have global connectivity 24/7 so you can access your data anytime, from anywhere.

18 YRS


Private Cloud Hosting

Avoid the challenges of server maintenance, server hardware replacements, and limited access. Leave that to us along with keeping your data and environment safe and secure.

Access your private environment anytime from anywhere in the world. We’ll protect it with six tiers of backups to ensure you don’t lose anything.


Infrastructure as a service (IAAS): Your private, dedicated, and partitioned network is directly connected to our cloud network. You can work remotely without the burdens of server rooms, heat, and untidy cords and wires.

Remote desktop hosting: Allows you to work from anywhere via phone, tablet, laptop, at home, or on the road. Provides complete accessibility for your workers.

Meeting the Challenges

You’ll benefit from our 10 years of experience in working to maximize the available internet infrastructure in Minnesota, as one of the first providers of high-speed internet in the region. Through hard work and experience, we’ve developed the best possible private cloud solutions for our customers.

On-Premise Hosting

You get peace of mind knowing that we’re hosting your environment on a server at your location. Especially if you’re working with larger files and documents, your teams and employees will be more productive working with a server that is on your premises. We can access the server remotely and handle everything, so its hands-off for you. And, we can replicate your environment to our cloud, just in case that environment is compromised.

Power productivity throughout your organization with Microsoft Office 365. Ideal as a lower-cost cloud solution for smaller firms, Office 365 features all new Office 2016 applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Connect from anywhere via any device. Collaborate and share files through an online cloud and know that all upgrades are included. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we’ve done countless migrations to Office 365 and can get you up and running in no time.

Voiceover Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Leverage the full power of an up-to-date phone system that is more modular and flexible than traditional systems. Gain accessibility for more users, save money with fewer licensing fees, and improve productivity with remote collaboration and access from other parts of the country or world. Using a secure app, you can login via your cell phone with the ability to transfer calls, support the helpdesk, and more.

You may be vulnerable to security breaches.