Minneapolis Full-Service IT Solutions

We are a productivity company focused on end-user experience. We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize and predict our client’s needs. McNallan is unique in the industry as we fully understand employee wage maximization and employee production needs, while aligning to business standards through consultative budgeting and implementation. We understand that every minute your team is down you are losing valuable time, efficiency, and profit. Providing full-service IT solutions that exceed industry standards allows us to help your business grow.

Solve Any Challenge

Be ready before issues arise with our proactive consulting and support. Get a phased, organized plan to fit your capital budget and meet short- and long-term priorities. We monitor your service after hours to head off potential downtime, proactively check backups, and test data restoration plans. You will maximize employee productivity through our active technology management.

Get Responsive, High-Touch Personal Service

We respond to your issues anytime, day or night, and you’ll get a callback within 15 minutes during business hours (7 to 5).

Your team includes a primary technician and an account manager so multiple people have expertise on your systems and networks.

We perform all helpdesk and dispatch services on your account ourselves, so you always know who to call.

Utilize your dedicated support team for fast, flexible service 24/7.

Save time on the phone with our easy email ticketing system.

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Virtual CIO

We know technology and you know your business. Partner with our Minneapolis-based vCIO team to manage the demands of your growing business without adding a Chief Information Officer to your payroll. Working with the McNallan vCIO team allows you to strategically use technology to grow your business while setting you apart from your local competitors.

Lifecycle Management

Be sure your computers and printers are up to date and as fast and efficient as possible. Make informed decisions throughout your asset lifecycle, from equipment procurement to retirement and disposal.

Increase Employee Retention

An easy way to increase employee retention & productivity is investing in the equipment your team uses every day. Set your employees up for success and reduce your headaches by implementing our strategic lifestyle management plan. Contact us today to learn how to increase employee retention with technology.

    Disaster Planning and Recovery

    Minimize your risk with a detailed advance plan. And get a realistic recovery plan that will minimize your downtime and costs.


    Have confidence that your data and systems are secure and compliant with our certified expertise in diverse market segments.

    Document Management

    Find the perfect solution to manage all your documents from scanning and printing to archiving and retrieval solutions and full support.

    Networks & Cabling

    Get company-wide control and gain efficiencies with networking solutions that enable collaboration and communication across facilities and locations, and link off-site, remote teams with ease.