Our team at McNallan fully understands how heavily small businesses rely on a secure network. Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your security from end to end, internal to external, or assist with standards and documentation, we have the right solutions. The smaller targets are the easier targets – let us help protect your business before it’s too late.

McNallan works diligently to build a risk plan that reduces the exposure of as many facets of data storage, access avenues, employee challenges, dissimilar systems, etc. as possible. As your trusted technology provider, it is our responsibility to reduce risk of business loss or downtime. Working closely with your team, McNallan incorporates many different technologies, toolsets, policies, and user trainings to mitigate the maximum amount of risk for the most reasonable investment.

Why We’re All Vulnerable

Cyber-attacks continue to grow in cost, size, impact, and complexity. Don’t let your small business become another statistic. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, in 2018, 43% of breaches involved small business victims. McNallan specializes in education and mitigation against cyber-security attacks and vulnerabilities- learn how to protect your business starting with your end users. Contact us today to learn more about industry-standard best practices.

How to Protect Your Business

No company can say they are fully secure; technology security is solely the art of risk assessments. Which is why McNallan continuously evaluates new toolsets and new players in the SMB security field to deliver the highest value of protection and detection for our clients.

There is no single silver bullet solution that can protect against all possible attack vectors. McNallan helps you take the necessary steps to mitigate the most common forms of attack and is up to date on the latest threats to your business. Right now, the current number one attack vector is open RDP (remote desktop). With the prevalence of the cloud and more businesses taking advantage of a flexible, remote workforce it is more important now more than ever to protect yourself from these types of attacks.

In addition to the above, email phishing remains the most successful way companies are compromised and expose themselves to malicious outsiders. Pretending these threats don’t exist or that you are too small to be targeted is not the strategy you want to base your security decisions on. Let us do the heavy lifting and rely on the experts at McNallan to keep you up to date on the latest security threats and how to protect your company & livelihood.

McNallan specializes in protecting Minneapolis based businesses from falling victim to increasingly complex threats. With the help of our partners at ID Agent, we implement Dark Web Monitoring for your business’s Internet domains and IP addresses to identify and proactively monitor for compromised or stolen employee and customer data. We also offer Security Awareness Training in order to train your employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other malicious activities targeting human vulnerability.

Security Certifications

Be sure your systems and networks are secure and compliant when you rely on our expertise. We are certified in several diverse industries.

  • PCI
  • FIPS

Incident Handling/Response – (CIH)

Know that you can rely on the experts. We have multiple individuals on staff who have been through certified security incident handling and response classes. McNallan spends time working on realistic escalation solutions for our customers during our quarterly vCIO meetings.

    Managed IT

    Unleash your productivity. Optimize uptime across your organization with our proactive expertise and solutions that are hand-picked for your business. Tap our expertise to solve problems before they hit and have them fixed fast if they do.

    Disaster Planning and Recovery

    Minimize your risk with a detailed advance plan. And get a realistic recovery plan that will minimize your downtime and costs.

    Document Management

    Find the perfect solution to manage all your documents from scanning and printing to archiving and retrieval solutions and full support.

    Networks & Cabling

    Get company-wide control and gain efficiencies with networking solutions that enable collaboration and communication across facilities and locations, and link off-site, remote teams with ease.