McNallan Technology Solutions has been committed to providing document solutions for over 47 years. Easily manage all your documents from printing and scanning to archival and retrieval solutions that are customized for your business and designed to gain efficiencies. We provide our customers with best-in-class solutions.

Managed Print Services

Save money over time while getting the best possible solution. Our partnership with Kyocera Document Solutions America enables us to look out for your bottom line. We can rein in costs with minimal repair time and maximum uptime. Enjoy low cost per page which means lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for you.

Scanning Services and Easy Retrieval

Don’t spend countless wage-hours searching for your data like many businesses do. With documents spread throughout your organizationacross email systems, in file cabinets, on file servers and stuck inside operations systemsyou need the McNallan consultative approach to develop a database system that makes search and retrieval a snap. We place barcodes on scans and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to improve indexing. We also create personnel procedures to help you with your ongoing maintenance and to ensure long-term data integrity.

Secure Printing Solutions

We see many networks that require some security compliance, but they forget that while centralized printing has great economical benefits, it doesn’t pass most risk scrutiny. McNallan will spend time developing a solution including encrypted hard drives, job boxes employees need codes to extract their documents, or other industry best-practices to ensure your client data (or your intellectual property) isn’t viewed or stolen by unauthorized individuals when left at the copier/printer.

Multi-Part Forms Printing

Multiple page forms can be slow and costly to print. Kyocera has an easy way to increase speed, productivity and lower costs significantly.

Electronic File Storage

Paper files can slow down productivity in your office. The scanning capabilities and Kyocera HyPas applications like PinPoint Scan and DMConnect can increase productivity and make your office more efficient.

Job Accounting

If you need to track printing, copying and scanning by user or departments, Kyocera’s job accounting is the right solution. The use of RFID card readers will cut down on time and increase productivity. Please contact our Document solutions specialists for more information.

    Managed IT

    Unleash your productivity. Optimize uptime across your organization with our proactive expertise and solutions that are hand-picked for your business. Tap our expertise to solve problems before they hit and have them fixed fast if they do.

    Disaster Planning and Recovery

    Minimize your risk with a detailed advance plan. And get a realistic recovery plan that will minimize your downtime and costs.


    Have confidence that your data and systems are secure and compliant with our certified expertise in diverse market segments.

    Networks & Cabling

    Get company-wide control and gain efficiencies with networking solutions that enable collaboration and communication across facilities and locations, and link off-site, remote teams with ease.