Business Continuity

The first line of defense your business should have to ensure proper function when disaster strikes. Partner with McNallan to create a series of strategic business-centric protocols to keep your business operational during a crisis. Successful business continuity plans focus on making sure network connections, online systems, phones, network drives, servers, and your specific business applications can run with little to no downtime. Your customized plan will cover industry standard best practice metrics such as RTO & RPO, so you know exactly what to expect and what to plan for.

Measuring Recovery Time Objective (RTO) helps calculate how quickly you need to recover your IT infrastructure and services following a disaster in order to maintain business continuity. McNallan works with you to figure out how long your business can survive following a disaster before operations are restored to normal.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) allows us to measure the maximum tolerable amount of data that your business can afford to lose. McNallan uses RPO to measure how much time can occur between your last data backup and a disaster without causing serious damage to your business.

RPO RTO Graphic

Disaster Scenario Planning & Recovery

What would you do if your technology was no longer available? Would you lose customers? Revenue? Respect? Every CEO’s nightmare is having their business grind to a halt in the event of a technology disaster. Whether an unintentional accident, virus, malicious activity, natural disaster or worse – McNallan will work with you to reduce downtime exposure and minimize risk with a detailed backup plan specifically tailored to your business. Work with the experts to plan how to get your systems up and running after disaster strikes.

Data Backup

It’s inevitable. At some point, you will need to recover data from your backup. How confident are you that the data you seek will be available and is what you need? Has your business ever been crippled by data loss?

At McNallan we know that backup integrity is just as crucial, if not more so, as your daily operations. That is why we rely on a multi-tiered approach to ensure your data is available for you when you want it, and more importantly, when you need it. Never lose sleep over your backups again.

Documentation & Testing

No matter what your backup situation looks like – it will be fully documented, monitored, and updated. We will work with your vendors to ensure our backup solutions meet and exceed their standards, and we will perform test recovery of random files during maintenance to prove the backup is working as intended.

    Managed IT

    Unleash your productivity. Optimize uptime across your organization with our proactive expertise and solutions that are hand-picked for your business. Tap our expertise to solve problems before they hit and have them fixed fast if they do.


    Have confidence that your data and systems are secure and compliant with our certified expertise in diverse market segments.

    Document Management

    Find the perfect solution to manage all your documents from scanning and printing to archiving and retrieval solutions and full support.

    Networks & Cabling

    Get company-wide control and gain efficiencies with networking solutions that enable collaboration and communication across facilities and locations, and link off-site, remote teams with ease.